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This year I started  high school at Patana. This was not easy, lots of homework. Now I have holidays fortunately. We went on "residential"  near Rayong. That means we went with my year for a week on school camp. We went to Rayong and did all kind of  sport activities like canoeing, snorkeling (sunburn!) and after that dive from the second floor from the boat and rope climbing. In the evening we ate all together and I won the talent show, with my friends and room mates. We did a funny pantomime. I was a pregnant women wearing a typical Thai pregnancy dress. Saskia and Susie were the doctors. 

In Holland I went on a summer camp for Dutch children who live somewhere else . We geabseild, and I really liked it so after school I did wall climbing. Now I am not allowed to do it anymore so I do "circus" now. 

I still have two dogs (Banjer and Dikkie) and a tame duck Daffy. The hamster, Cornetto (the white one) sadly died just after the picture above was taken but I play a lot with Magnum. 

Since  x-mas I got my own mobile phone.(07-9131912). 

I want to wish you a very happy new year!!!! Bi !! Laura

Annelies and I are drinking Fanta limon out of a bidon on our favourite beach in Spain. 

These are my friends Sas(Saskia) and Susie at my ice scating birthday party in Bangkok.  


I have been to highest restroom in Thailand in the highest hotel in the world!


With this picture I won first prize on a website contest for "Wereld kids" (a division of the Dutch World Broadcasting)

I am washing the elephant and later I will make a ride on a clean elephant! She uses her trunk as a snorkel to breathe. How convenient!


My room is always messy, here I am doing my homeworok, well, o.k., reading a Donald Duck.


I am biking next to an ox cart in Sukothai. We were making a bike hike to see old temples, which was fun, because you can't bike well in Bangkok cause there are lots of cars. In Thailand it's "cold" now in the morning, only 20' C. Above zero, that is.
My duck "Daffy" is pretty tame. She doesn't try to fly away and quacks several times a day demanding food, but in return lays a lot of tasty eggs!

The Ladawan Gecko Girls get together every  Thursday after school. This club was started by us and we creative projects, but we also cook, donate money and things for a local school, bowl etc. But I am almost too old now, and can't always come.