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ice cream sandwich

a week-end away from Bangkok in the middle of Thai tourists in a new Wat, entirely decorated with solid wood panels with relief and wood inlay.

Laura pasts squares of real gold leaf on a Buddha statue

Old or new Buddhist advice is often nailed on the trees surrounding a Wat (temple).


Sun set in Sukothai, Christmas day.

A crescent moon and Venus in the sky above seven hundred year old ruins from the times the king of Sukothai was the most powerfull in the area that is now called Thailand.


Twice daily a commute of at least one hour between home and office
On field trip in East Timor we are revisiting households in mountain villages to ask again if the children are attending school. All kids in this house were schooling.
The interpreter interviewed the head of the household. The wooden bench, the cloths on the washing linen, a crooked pair of glasses and the clothes on his body and on that of his wife and children seem to be all possessions this family has.
As former Portuguese colony, East Timorese are catholic.